Certificate of competence and success

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The reputation we have established with our high-class products commits us to the best possible service towards our customers. We offer you a reliable and high precision system component for your machine with the best possible material characteristics. The combination of excellent engineering and constant improvement of the technologies gives Detlev Hofmann GmbH the leading position in the manufacturing of CNC dividing heads and rotary axes. Even with difficult, customer-individual solutions we constantly prove our competence in this field.

Our excellent understanding of the developments and requirements in the market enables us to develop new exciting markets, in addition those already in existence. The big variety of applications for our units makes us unique in the market. Due to our long-standing experience in a wide scope of applications such as milling, turning, drilling, grinding, eroding, engraving, measuring and testing as well as laser techniques, means we can offer you the widest variety of products and services. This includes the clarification of all technical details and requirements, the development, manufacturing an assembly of our units and if requested, also the initial installation and start-up operation of our axes, which can include training of the operators. We guarantee a reliable and fast after-sales service and support.

Therefore our references are a testimonial of competence and success and are also a confirmation of the trust that our customers show towards us and our range of products.

Our references

For more than 50 years we have been a supplier to the machine tool and tool-making industry, the mould and die sector as well as the automotive and aerospace industries. In addition we supply the jewellery and dental industry with our reliable and innovative products.

Together with our strong partners within the machine-tool sector we set new standards in the area of 5-face manufacturing which offers higher efficiency and productivity within the manufacturing process. We will work with all our clients to find the optimum solution to meet all their needs.