From fixing systems up to machine controls

The following categories show a selection of accessory components developed by us which are ideal for use with CNC dividing heads.

For the purpose of efficient workpiece clamping we have compiled an overview of different clamping systems. In additional to conventional collet attachments and taper type holders, the collection also includes jaw chucks and various pallet chucking systems and zero point clamping systems.

“Everything for your dividing head” presents a short overview of base plates, thrust bearings, swinging bridges and tailstocks which in the event of an order can be adapted to your requirements.

For special requirements we can offer you dividing heads in stainless steel (completely sealed, IP68 version) which are suitable for use with EDM machines.

Under the category “Control and electrical connections” there is an overview of drive motors and drive packages which in the event of an order can be specially selected and made ready as required for use in your machine control system.

Perhaps you are still looking for the right accessories for your CNC dividing head. Please ask us for more information. We are looking forward to your enquiries and will surely be able to find the right solution for you.


Work-holding devices and systems

Collets (manual or automatic)

  • collets types: EX 16, EX 32, EX 40
  • ER 16, ER 32, ER 40
  • deadlength collets: F30, 162 E, 173 E, 185 E, 386 E
  • draw-back collets: W20, W25, B32, Hainbuch Spanntop etc.

Jaw-chucks (manual or automatic):


SK-taper according to DIN 2080 or DIN 69871(manual or automatic):

SK 30, SK 40 (also with KK5 centring), SK 50 (also with KK6 centring)
=> according to DIN 2080 or DIN 69871

Morse taper (manual or automatic):
MK 1 … MK 6

Pallet clamping-systems (manual or automatic):

System 3R

HSK toolholders (manual or automatic) according to DIN 69893:

HSK 32
HSK 63
HSK 100
=> nach DIN 69893

Zero-point work-holding systems (manual or automatic):

Schunk NSE
Lang Quick-Point
Vischer & Bolli

Faceplates with T-slots (according to customers requirements)

4 or 6 slots
8 slots are available
from min. Ø 100 mm to max. Ø 630 mm are available

Hydraulic expansion chucks (manual):

ø 35 H6
ø 60 H6
with radial application of force
true-runout better than 0,003 mm at the inner ø of the chuck

Direct measuring systems

Type Heidenhain
RON 2.., RON 7.., RON 8..
RCN 2.., RCN5.., RCN7.., RCN 8..
ERN 1.., ECN 1..
ERA 4..

Rotary feed-through

– for hydraulic or pneumatic connections
– for dividing head or counter bearing
– for 2 to 9 leads


Around the dividing head


  • also in connection with intermediate plates / blocks for the required  centre height
  • for horizontal and vertical use
  • centre height and design according to customers requirements (also adapted for special machines)

Counter bearings

  • with or without hydraulic clamping device
  • also available in connection with multi-lead rotary feed-through for various medias
  • centre height according to customers requirements


  • manual, hydraulic or pneumatic operated
  • with centres MT 2 or MT 3
  • travel 25, 40 or 60 mm
  • centre height according to customers requirements


For special requirements

… much more on request – according to customers requirement!

Corrosion protected dividing heads and rotary axes (chemical nickel plated)

  • all outside parts are corrosion protected by a 5 micron thick nickel coating

Non-corroding dividing heads and rotary axes (INOX)

  • all outside parts are made from stainless steel
  • primary seals are made from hard-wearing VITON material

Completely sealed dividing heads and rotary axes (IP 68)

  • all outside parts are made from stainless steel
  • primary seals are made from hard-wearing VITON material
  • for use on EDM machines etc.


Control systems and electrics

Operation with a separate dividing head control system and M-function

Our control system type HOWIPOS 1/AC is a modern Microprocessor CNC-positioning control. Positioning controller, control system and operating panel are all mounted in a compact console. The control is easy and comfortable to use with and easy, menu-guided programming system. The illuminated LCD-display shows all input data and indications in clear text. A special program has been developed for the use of the HOWIPOS control with rotary-tables and dividing heads. The control system is mounted in a table-top housing and connected with the dividing head – ready to use. The activation of the control system, by means of an M-signal from the machine is already prepared.


ZUB19 Microprozessor-Steuerung 800px

Control by means of the machine tool controller e.g. 4th or 4th / 5th axis of a machine tool control system

Servomotor according to customers requirements, to suit customers own control system

(Not valid for TMI type units)

The motors of all popular motor-manufacturers are suitable to be built on to our units e.g.

  • Siemens                  FT and FK series
  • Fanuc                      alpha and beta series
  • Heidenhain             QSY series
  • Infranor                    BLS and HDD series
  • Bosch                      MAC, MAD, MKD, MSK, SE, SF and SG series
  • Yaskawa                 SGM series

    and others (please specify)

Appropriate drive packages to suit machine control system

  • required servo motor (as shown above – not for TMI series)
  • plug-in cable-set up to the defined interface (cable length approx. 5 m including protective tube), PG 29 + Mating connector (alternatively flying leads)
  • Motor cover (stainless steel)